Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Home Sweet Office...

It has been a long time since I've actually posted to our blog. Working such long hours in SLC really took it out of me! I am finally working from home again which has been SO great. I still work as many hours, BUT I now get to see Stone off to school, I get comic relief during the day from Rick who works upstairs, and I can be here when Stoney gets home from school. Not to mention the fact that I get to do it all in my jammies:)

My entire office went virtual which was quite an undertaking. Everyone is now set up in their home offices. We've had a few glitches along the way, but all in all it has gone smoothly. It is so amazing what can be accomplished with technology!
Our basement has been transformed into an office suite. My office is in the main room and there is a separate copy room which is where the huge production copy machine resides. has a room of its own and it needs is ENORMOUS! It was a miracle that they got all 964 lbs of it down the stairs without serious injury! I am absolutely loving everything about my new office and feel so spoiled...thank you Clements Group!

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Natalee said...

That is SO cool! I love your new office! :) I'm glad you are working from home again. Maybe that means I might actually get to see you one of these years. hehe

So does the Clements Group need anyone ELSE to work from home?? I have an office too..but nothing to do in it! ;)